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December 19, 2002


Dear Emilio and Connie:


         We would like to take this time to wish you and your children a very Merry Christmas and a new year that is blessed with an abundance laughter, special quiet family and prosperity.

         The two of you have brought new meaning to the words "custom builders". There have been so many people who have asked "So, now that it's over be honest, would you do it again?" I always reply instantly and say "yes, in a heartbeat as long as I could use my same builder."

         Emilio, you have given back meaning to the term integrity. To so many people today, doing a job is something you have to do to get by. Many people just take in this world and give as little in return as possible. That could never be said about you. It is quite evident that you put a piece of yourself in each one of the homes that you build and not only do you give honest value for the money you exceed a customer's expectations tenfold by the "extra mile" you go to insure their happiness! We will be recommending you to whomever we hear that is interested in building.

         Then there is you Connie, somehow you manage to successfully run a thriving business and make people feel important at the same time. There were times that without your voice at the end of the phone line, I truly would have lost it! You have repeatedly displayed expertise in the field and on many occasions the patience of a saint! I am sure there have been days when hearing from us was about the last thing you wanted. But you always managed to treat my calls as if they were the most important and repeatedly acted as though we were your only customers Thank God that is not the case. I will miss our nearly daily phone calls. I won't forget the first time you called on that Sunday afternoon in mid-February. It had been a couple days since I had left the message on the machine and was beginning to wonder if we'd ever receive a call back and then there you were. I knew at that moment, that we should do business with you guys. You were warm yet professional. A combination that in today's world is hard to find. I hope that we can "graduate" to friendship now that the business relationship is over. And remember I never ever used the "secret" cell phone number that you never give to your customers. I hope we showed you that we respect your privacy as well as opinions. There were many times that discussing a decision with you made it easier. Though there were times when we didn't have a clue about something -- neither one of you ever made us feel foolish. Thank you.

         The professionals you employ to get the job done are fantastic as well. Tony was a joy to work with when we were drawing up the plans.  A little hyper perhaps, but great. The rough carpenters were magicians and Jamie was knowledgeable as well as fast. We will definitely use him in the future. Paul and his painting give Michael Angelo some competition. What can you really say about Fabrezio? His work is beautiful. I love my closets as well as all the other extras he did to make our house even better. And then there is Gary. Now, how can you really comment on Gary? There were times when he was his jovial self and at times he took himself way too seriously but I guess that's what makes him Gary. I love the way he included so many different plugs for us so that we won't have to hunt and stretch between outlets; A great touch, one that will be appreciated every day in the future. Please thank everyone for the extra work they have put into our house and especially the extra hours as of late. They tried very hard to get us in prior to the holidays and we won't forget it. The suppliers, LaFata, Advance, Alco, Colonial Brick and Binson's were all terrific as well. It was a pleasure doing business with these folks.

         May God richly bless your business as well as your beautiful family in the future. We hope that though the house is complete and closing is over, that our relationship won't be. We would love it if you would stop by during the holidays for some holiday cheer. With any luck, then our house will be well on its way to becoming a home!

         Merry Christmas and the best everything in the New Year!




         Sharon and Joel Weingarden.


Dear Emilio,


         We just want to thank you for a job well done. We could not be happier with the final product, but also the entire process. It is real pleasure to work with someone who is accountable and has integrity. Those qualities in an individual is so rare today. You did everything you said you would do and when you said you would do them.

        I hope and pray I have the opportunity to use you again. We definitely will and I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family.

        We pray that your business continues to do well in these financially difficult times and that you have a safe hunting trip.


        Have a Blessed day!




Dear Emilio,


Just wanted to tell you.....Great job. You and your crew certainly know what you're daughter is extremely pleased. Thanks again


Mr. Clayton

July 01, 2018


Mr. Fortuna,


         I just wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such a great job on our new driveway, walkway and patio, especially in the hot weather. Your work has totally transformed our home. Thanks too for pulling our ugly yew bushes in front of the house with your equipment. It certainly saved us time and effort. We are looking forward to completing the look with new landscaping. Thanks gain!


         Vicky, Nick & Tony Vaillancourt